Seife Annotation Processor

Handle repeated code of databindings and input validation in large projects. Edit in one place and automatically distribute the change at compile time by using source level annoation descriptions in model driven designs.

The framework is used in JVM-based projects and the Android mobile platform. It generates boiler-plate code based on customizable templates and has very small additional code sizes and short stack-traces compared to traditional libraries.


Supports sqlite databases, define and maintain Dataproviders with CRUD operations (create/read/update/delete).
You can create code for parcelable api for all annotated attributes via a one-liner. It provides full support for the android interface definition languae (aidl) to export system services that accept non-trivial datastructures.

More about Android

Vaadin Flow

The collection of vaadin templates allows to create sophisticated databindings with validators for Vaadin forms or generate grids based on the object model.

More on Vaadin support

Usage / License

The annotation processor needs to be licensed for commercial use, there is a community edition that you can apply for if you would like to use the tool in your open source project.
Please register at the customer area for further information.