Cloud & mobile applications, software development for individual needs

We develop Web Applications and native Android Apps with usability in mind. The front-ends are designed to fit into your application landscape with seamless integration with cloud-services.
Our technology stack is based on a model driven approach using Spring® and Vaadin. The software is suited for cloud deployment and is backed by microservices based on Spring Cloud and the Micronaut® framework.

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Developer tool: Seife Annotation Processor 

We offer a Java compiler plugin (also known as annotation processor) that prevents writing repetitive “boilerplate” code. 

  • The plugin processes templates that can be freely adjusted and created for your particular needs. During code processing the datamodel including all classes and annotated attributes is fully available to autogenerate code.
  • We provide a full-fledged database model layer similar to google room that is lightning fast and has a small memory footprint suitable for mobile devices that also need to deal with energy critical scenarios.
  • The android code generator module supports the automatic creation of sqlite code dataproviders for interprocess communication and the typical parcels used in aidl (interface definition language).
  • You can request a free one-year license for non-commercial open-source projects. 

The annotation processor greatly reduces development time and seemlessly integrates with maven and gradle builds

(get more info and a license here..)

Coaching and professional android programming

you can book a 3 to 5 days android training course or request for consultancy.