The android text expander soft keyboard provides text substitutions like autohotkey on windows. It improves typing speed on tablets and smartphones and has sensible features for seemless integration and to faciliate text work on mobile devices. The android app combines well-designed features into a soft keyboard that simplifies the way you use your devices with intuitive functions.

Manage text replacements image
Pick a contact directly from the soft keyboard

Pick a Contact
Blueduino prepares formatted texts with telephone number, e-mail and address and lets you choose one for in-place insertion with just three finger taps.

Favorite Shortcuts
mark your most used shortcuts such as the e-mail address to have them at hand with just two taps

Text Correction
Blueduino supports word completion and correction in several languages it can analyse existing text messages to add your preferred style of writing to the dictionary

Blueduino does not have the internet permission, the text you enter is not sent anywhere. Long click on text proposals to remove them from the dictionary

Blueduino is designed with simplicity in mind, it won’t disturb you instead it’ll assist in entering text more quickly and in a convenient way

clipboard history screenshot
Easy access clipboard history then contains selected contact details

Clipboard History
helps you manage multiple text snippets without accidentally loosing clipboard content

Customizable Soft Keyboard
Adjust keysize, haptic feedback and tap sound to your needs, set key repeat rate and repeat delay. Configure for how long you want to keep your clipboard history.

Features of Blueduino Text Expander

  • designed for tablet and smartphones
  • predefined abbreviations
  • supports english, german, french, italian, spanish, belgian, polish and other international keyboard layouts
  • soft keyboard and hardware support for most bluetooth keyboards
  • advanced text prediction
  • clipboard history
  • shortcut favorites and sorted accessible from everywhere
  • fair license price with increased productivity in return
Screenshot android tablet
Android text expander on a Tablet-PC

Blueduino is just more than a keyboard, it helps to efficiently manage repetitive tasks like quickly responding to common customer e-mails. It improves writing speed by displaying language-specific special characters on the keyboard, accessible without long-clicks.

Save time and configure snippets for

  • Email signatures
  • Long words that are misspelled or easily typed wrong
  • Addresses or directions
  • Commonly used phrases and text snippets
  • Text templates
  • Switch between template collections when working with two or more languages

The shortcut manager provides a simple navigation and search mechanism to manage the shortcuts, the templates can be edited  and are immediately available for use.

Get Blueduino from the Google Play Store, test and use its full functionality and see for yourself, it’s worth it.