Frequently asked questions

After a few days the shortcut icon is not shown anymore and I have to re-enable it in the accessibility settings

This happens with most Samsung phone and tablet models if app optimisation is turned on for Blueduino. Go to Settings > Battery and disable the feature for Blueduino under ‘Detail’.
Android battery settings

Can I quickly enter time or date?

Yes, Blueduino supports autotext to efficiently insert date or time by selecting it instead of typing it manually using the soft keys.

Does the app support text macros?

The text expander has macro support, just enter the shortcut name in brackets, for example [name] and whenever it occurs it is replaced by the contents of the ‘name’ shortcut. That way it is easy to have common information such as address or e-mail in one place.

What is the clipboard history?

Blueduino keeps track of content that is added to the clipboard, in the app has a section in its ‘bluetab’, that shows the entries sorted by the most recent copy operations. Sometimes you might want to purge that history for privacy reasons. The app offers you an option in the settings to clear entries from the history older than 1,4 or 24 hours or to keep them indefinitely.

Can I add my own shortcuts and abbreviations?

Yes that’s what this app is made for, it has an intuitive user interface to help you manage your shortcuts efficiently and have access to them from the software and hardware keyboard.

What is the Blueduino v2 License?

By licensing the app after your trial period expired, you get all upcoming features that are part of the 2.x versions.
As a licensee of v2, when the 3.x version is released you will have the option to get a license upgrade to v3 that adds new features for a reduced price.
You can simply stay with the functionality that you originally purchased, it will remain fully utilizable while you still get updates through the play store with bugfixes and minor improvements. Thanks for supporting the further development that way.

I’d love to write a review for ‘Blueduino Hotkey text expander’. I found it on Google Play. It’s a very cool Productivity app and has chance to be recommended to our homepage.

Yes, thanks for blogging about it and feel free to drop me a line about it so I can check what you think can be improved.