Functionality and License Overview

A license is per developer and machine. Only development environments that are used to update the model require a license since the generated program code runs without the annotation-processor and does not require additional libraries.

Functions14-days trial license
Open Source lic.
Commercial License
creates (multiple) SQLite Database files with associated tables
contains column constants, table definitions and read-/write-operations
Foreign-keys / Join-Correlations
simplified relational joins with all relevant key parts
Standard-Android API to create new table columns when the model is updated
Object embedding
Flat object mapping via @Embedded
Parcelable API
Object enhancements for the Android serialization API, also neccessary for the service API (.aidl)
Creation of Android ContentProvider implementations with matching URIs and Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) functionality

An active internet connection is required for the license validation. The license is not checked whenever the compiler runs, only after a particular timespan. A checksum of your e-mail address is sent to the license server for validation. Within the license period the developer machine that is bound to the license can be changed in our customer area.